Welcome to the Santa Rosa High School District

At Santa Rosa High School District, we’re dedicated to providing a superior learning environment for students of all ages and providing a springboard to success in higher education and the world at large.

We know your child’s education is important to you, and work hard with each of our district schools to create challenging and rewarding academic programs as well as after-school and outreach activities.

Contacting the Santa Rosa High School District

Mailing Address:
Santa Rosa High School District
211 Ridgway Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-4320

Phone: 707-528-5181
Website: www.srcs.k12.ca.us
District Announcements:

State Assembly Representative: Noreen Evans (D) District 07     website

Congressional Representative: Lynn C. Woosley (D) District 06     website

Senatorial Representative: Wes Chesbro (D) District 02     website