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There are four steps to success at RHS . Each step includes specific and performance expectations of students during specific monitoring periods. Several of the goals for students at RHS are partially met through the Four-Step system. These goals are:
•    To help the student experience success in the school setting.
•    To provide the student with decision-making opportunities.
•    To assist the student to achieve a high school diploma.
•    To allow the student the opportunity to learn responsibility.
•    To help the student grow in terms of interests and abilities.
•    To assist the student to acquire a good work ethic.
•    To provide an opportunity for students to set and achieve goals.

Step 3+
100% attendance, 100% productivity, no suspensions

Step 3
Above 90% attendance, above 90% productivity, no suspensions

Step 2
Above 70% attendance, above 70% productive hours

Step 1
Below 70% productivity, below 70% productive hours

Phoenix Program
Students enrolled in GED/CHSPE prep class. If successful, student re-enters regular program on step 2. If unsuccessful, student is redirected to other educational activities.

Ridgway operates on a three-week evaluation system called Success Through Educational Progress (STEP). STEP points are earned daily when students are in class, on time, and fully engaged in the classroom activity. Every three weeks, teachers count the number of points each student has earned, and enters these points on a common data card. The points are then input to a computer program and each student receives a percentage that has been calculated by the ratio of points earned to points possible. This percentage places the student on a STEP: 100% = 3+; 99%-90% = 3; 89%-70% = 2; and below 70% = 1. A student can only earn one STEP 1 a semester. The second 1 places the students in the Phoenix program—four classes focused on GED/CHSPE preparation. A student may return to the regular program by maintaining 80% in Phoenix for an evaluation period (three weeks).

Students may be placed in Phoenix without a second STEP 1 if they have less than 30% percent on any STEP.

Eighteen year olds, who are fifth year seniors, are held to a higher standard. They are required to maintain 85% to be placed on STEP 2. If these students fall below 85% twice in a year, they may, at the principal’s discretion, be referred to the GED program at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Students on STEP 3 and 3+, earn special privileges.They are excused five minutes early at lunch and can go off campus during the lunch period.