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Students enroll during the last week of each evaluation period. Most students are placed in the Temporary Alternative Placement Program (TAPP) for one period a day, with the exception of those who enroll at the beginning of the year and those potential graduates who need no elective credits. The TAPP program is a short-term program for new students entering Ridgway. While in TAPP students take basic skills tests and do several reading and writing assignments. At the end of each three-week TAPP period, the results of these tests and assignments, except for the math assessment, are placed in binders located in the staff workroom where they can be easily accessed when teachers have questions about the ability of new students.  The math tests go directly to the math teacher.

Because there are some unique policies and procedures at Ridgway, TAPP is also the place where students find out about these aspects of the school in greater depth than they did during the initial enrollment meeting. Various staff members, including the counselor, the Student Advisor, and the DAAC counselor, visit the class to review the steps for making a successful transition to Ridgway.

In the TAPP class students also may review areas of deficiencies in math, English and social studies as shown by the assessments. TAPP students prepare a computer-generated resume as part of the career awareness component of the class.