At Ridgway High School we all agree to the following:

  • Respect yourself: Do only those things that will help you to achieve a successful and healthy future.
  • Respect others: Use the life skills and lifelong guidelines to work with other students and all adult staff members.
  • Respect property: Take care of your things and take care of those things which we share.


     A.  Cell phone usage is allowed on campus before school, during break, lunch and                 after school only.  Any other cell phone use will result in confiscation.

  1. Skateboards, skates, and roller blades are not to be used on campus at any time.  If any of these items are brought to school they must remain in the main office.
  2. Amorous behavior is not acceptable at school.
  3. Gambling of any type is not allowed on campus or at any school functions.
  4. No food will be allowed in the classroom at any time unless it is a part of the educational activity.
  5. Permanent markers of any kind are not allowed and possession of them can result in serious disciplinary action.
  6. Any type of harassment, sexual, mental or physical, will not be tolerated and will result in a suspension or more severe disciplinary action.
  7. No visible gang related tattoos, or graffiti on a person’s body.
  8. No gang related graffiti on clothes, books or other school materials.
  9. No use of hand signs.
  10. No use or possession of tobacco or tobacco related products.
  11. No use or possession of any intoxicating products, e.g. drugs and alcohol.
  12. Weapons and dangerous objects of any kind are prohibited at all.
  13. Being on or around another school campus between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm without the expressed consent of a school administrator.
  14. The wearing of any cap, hat, knit hat, T-shirt or jacket that has a logo or art work that depicts an obscenity, a controlled substance, an illegal activity or is gang related.


  1. Ridgway High School is a closed campus, which means that students who wish to leave during the school day must have written permission from their parent/guardian.  Students must obtain an off-campus pass and sign out in the attendance office before leaving campus.  If a student leaves the campus without permission, for any reason, it will be considered a cut.
  2. In addition, non-students or unauthorized persons are not allowed to come on campus or loiter adjacent to the school campus unless they clear it through the main office.
  3. Any person wishing to visit Ridgway must obtain a visitor’s pass from the administrative office.
  4. Students are not allowed guests at any time.


Our school MUST be a safe place for students and staff to learn and work.  It is our responsibility as administrators and teachers to insure that our students are free from harassment and intimidation.  Therefore, Ridgway High School has established guidelines in student appearance that will reduce the possibility of student interpersonal problems.  We reserve the right to include additional articles throughout the year, as we deem appropriate.  The reason for this is to protect students from harassment and intimidation.  Students should attire themselves in a neat and appropriate manner.  Therefore:

A.    Attire should protect the health and safety of the student.

B.    Attire should not interfere with the educational process.

C.    Attire should not advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.  This applies to garments with writing or pictures that are obscene, suggestive or depict violence.

D.    Shoes must be worn at all times, no slippers or socks.

E.    Half-shirts, crop tops, or low necklines are not appropriate for school.  Clothes should cover the lower midriff area of the body.

F.     The following items are not allowed:

1.     No hairnets, bandanas or hats with inappropriate logos.

2.     No belts worn outside the belt loops.

3.     Any attire with gang related logos.

4.     Graffiti on notebooks or on clothing.

5.     No sunglasses in the classroom unless prescription.

6.     No knit crosses worn visibly.

7.     No jackets perceived as gang related.

Students choosing to wear any of the above items will be subject to the following on their first offense:  Conference with principal, notice to parent, and clothing changed.  On the second offense the student will be suspended and a parent conference will be required prior to the student returning to school.



A student may be issued a campus citation for minor disciplinary violations by any staff member.  For example:  a citation will be given to a student who is out of class without a pass.  At least one detention can be given for each citation, depending on the offense, with a maximum of 5 detentions assigned per citation.


Students may be issued detentions for various infractions of school rules.  It is the responsibility of the student to serve his/her detentions.  Failure to serve assigned detentions will result in a suspension.


Students are not allowed to use the office or classroom phones unless there is an absolute emergency, and then only with staff approval.  Phones in the classrooms are not for student use unless approved by the teacher for educational purposes.


Regular school attendance is the primary factor for success at Ridgway High School.  There are only five reasons a student may be excused from school attendance:

A.    Illness.

B.    Quarantine directed by a county or city health official.

C.    Medical or dental appointment.

D.    Attending a funeral of an immediate family member.

E.    Jury duty or court appearance. (for STEP only)

Students have three days to clear an absence.  If the absence is not cleared within three days it will automatically revert to a cut.  Students must bring in a note written, signed, and dated by their parent in the case of an illness, medical or dental appointment, or funeral.  If absent for more than three consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required.  Students who are absent due to illness for more than five consecutive school days will not be evaluated if they bring a doctor’s note covering the entire period of absence.  Quarantine requires a copy of the quarantine notice, and a court appearance requires a notice from the clerk of the court. 


A.    The California school attendance law states that all students are to attend school regularly.  Failure to attend school can result in serious legal problems for students and their parents.

B.    When a student is absent, the school must be notified on the day of the absence and the reason for the absence must be explained.  Inability to contact the school by phone means a written excuse signed by the parent/guardian must be brought to school and turned into the attendance office before school on the day the student returns.

C.    If a student is more than ten minutes late to their first period or 5 minutes late to class an unexcused absence will result and no point can be earned in that class that day.    Students who arrive tardy will lose ½ of their productive point for that day.

D.    Family vacations and/or trips should coincide with school vacations.  Vacations and/or extended time form school for personal reasons must be pre-approved by the principal and the assignments completed and turned in on the day of return.  Failure to do this will result in unexcused absences and the work MAY NOT be made up.

E.    According to State of California Education Code the only absences, which may be considered excused, are illness, and appointment times for the purposes of having medical, dental, chiropractic or photometrical services.  School policy states that after three days of an episode of illness, the student must bring to school a statement from a physician excusing any further absences.  An excused absence will be issued for the purpose of attending a funeral service of a member of the student’s immediate family.  No more than three days will be excused if the funeral is out of the State of California.



A.    Passing breaks are only 3 minutes long; therefore, students must move quickly from class to class.

B.    Tardy students who are excused must obtain a pass from the staff member who detains them before entering another class.

*Students who are tardy to class (unexcused) will lose ½ productive point.   



Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  Upon returning to school from an excused absence the student will have the equivalent number of days to make up the work as there were excused days missed.  The student should collect make-up assignments from each of their teachers and complete the work within the required number of days. 



Students who leave the campus during the school day must present a written request for permission to leave the school grounds from their parent/guardian.  The student must obtain a “permit to leave campus” from the attendance office before leaving campus. Students who leave campus without checking out at the attendance office will receive an unexcused absence (cut) for the class periods the miss.