Ridgway High School Teachers and Staff


Ridgway High School has 16 dedicated teachers on staff. Mrs. Peterich  Math; Ms Mitchell Biology, Life Skills; Mr. Cunningham PE; Mrs. Edminister English; Mrs. Gravelle English; Ms. Hagle Art, Yearbook/Student Government; Mr. Houlihan Econimics, Government; Mrs. Case US History, Government; Mr. Johnston RSP; Mrs. Lovitt RSP; Mr. Ramirez US History, World History; Mr. Tietzer World History, Economics; Mr. Wagner Physical Science, Biology; Mrs. Costello English ;Mrs. Mullins English. Eleven teachers are Advisors. The Advisor guides their advisees through the steps to Graduation. In addition to teaching the following teachers are advisors Mrs. Case,  Mrs. Costello, Mrs. Peterich, Mr.  Ramirez,   Mr. Houlihan,  Ms. Hagle, Mrs. Gravelle, Mr. Cunningham,   and Ms. Cole.